Saša Lazarević

Full Professor at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade

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11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Parallel sessions - Session 5: Big data and artificial intelligence

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1. Big Data Driven Architecture for Crowdsensing Systems in Smart Cities
Aleksa Miletić, Miloš Radenković, Branislav Jovanić, Vladimir Vujin
2. Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber security and Phishing Attacks
Mustafa Bešić
3. The Application of ChatGPT forIdentification of Microservices
Tatjana Stojanović, Saša Lazarević
4. Fuzzy Logic Based Product Comparison for Different E-Commerce Websites
Devashree Pravakar, Vrinda Anil Thaker, Rewa Abhyankar, Praveen Joe I R
5. Factors Influencing Cloud Analytics Adoption in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Atharv Kansal
6. Comparing Models for Analysing Database Pattern
Lakshya Goyal
7. Evaluating the Performance of Some Statistical Location Difference Tests
Artem D. Cheremukhin
Session chairs: Saša Lazarević