Vladan Devedžić

Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at FON

Title: AI: Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Abstract: Everybody's talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). The hype is evident, and there is virtually no AI-free area any more – business, technology, military, agriculture, medicine, industry, law, arts, media, education, even sports and politics, all seem to be labeled 'AI', one way or another. However, does everyone who's talking about AI really understand what it is and what underlies it? Have they ever read any textbook on AI? Can they explain why they label products, actions, events and jobs 'AI'? What does a job in the area of AI look like? What does a job in another area look like if they say the job requires AI skills? Are the systems labeled 'AI' solid, robust, autonomous? If they are intelligent, how intelligent are they? How does one measure the intelligence of AI systems? What are the criteria to declare a system intelligent and not to discard it as dumb? Can AI go wrong, or rogue? Do clear trends in the development of AI as a field emerge or not? This talk touches upon questions like these, but it doesn't take sides; it rather indicates a variety of different views.

Vladan Devedžić is a Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at FON – School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade, Serbia. He also used to teach several Computer Science courses at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, as well as at the Military Academy of Serbia (ex Yugoslav Military Academy).

Since 2021, he is a Corresponding Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)

His long-term professional objective is to bring close together ideas from the broad fields of Artificial Intelligence / Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering. His current professional and research interests include programming education, software engineering, intelligent software systems and technology-enhanced learning (TEL).

He is the founder and the chair of the GOOD OLD AI research network.

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11:45 am - 12:15 pm
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, room D201

Keynote lecture