About the Journal

This conference proceedings published articles accepted and presented at the conference "E-business technologies". The proceedings is published once a year. For the 2021 issue, the extended abstract submissions are open until May, 19.

All the articles are related with the main conference areas:
- E-business technologies;
- Digital business ecosystems;
- E-business management;
- Digital marketing and social media;
- Software engineering for e-business;
- Agile e-business project management;
- Software development in cloud environment;
- Mobile applications development;
- Big data and e-business intelligence;
- Internet of things and smart environments;
- Artificial intelligence and computer simulation;
- Security, privacy and blockchain.

All articles are freely available on the website. The articles are published in open access, in a Creative Commons Share Alike 4. licence (CC BY-SA 4.0). Authors keep the copyright on their works.