Factors Influencing Cloud Analytics Adoption in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Atharv Kansal The SD Vidya School


Technology Adoption, Cloud Analytics, Theory of Planned Behaviour, Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical firms have access to tremendous amount of data, in order to gain insights to augment and accelerate drug development, they take help of analytics tools to understand the data they have gathered and use it to get an insight and make informed data-based decisions. This research aims to analyze the various factors on which the adoption of cloud-based solutions for analytics in the Indian pharmaceutical industry is decided. This research will help policy makers, key personnel and decision makers in various firms understand the factors that are required to be taken into consideration in order to make pharmaceutical firms adopt cloud analytics solution. Data collected through an online survey have been analyzed by employing confirmatory factor analysis and multiple regression techniques using a combined framework based on the Extended Theory of Perceived Behavior (TPB) and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for determining the significant factors affecting the adoption of cloud computing software for cloud analytics in Indian pharmaceutical industry.




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