Digital Marketing Strategy and Application of Social Media in Crisis PR on Railways


  • Danijela Stojanović Institute of Economic Sciences
  • Nenad Stanisavljević Infrastructure of Serbian Railways, and University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences
  • Dijana Stojanović Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance, and Finance


crisis PR, railways, social media, digital communications


This paper analyzes how the Infrastructure of Serbian Railways, using digital communication channels and social media, can influence public information, views and forms public opinion about railways. In the research, the authors specifically analyze the activities and measures released by the crisis PR in social media of the above mentioned company aiming to inform about railway accidents and form public opinion. Also, the authors study and define the use of social media by crisis PR on railways as part of the digital marketing strategy in this railway company. The research aims to determine whether railways can reduce the negative consequences of the railway accidents in the public through social media. The authors conclude that the Infrastructure of Serbian Railways can reduce such negative consequences with quick and accurate information in social media and avoid inaccurate and sensational announcements by informing citizens promptly. Considering this, the paper also defines future digital activities by crisis PR in the event of railway accidents.




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Stojanović, D., Stanisavljević, N. ., & Stojanović, D. (2023). Digital Marketing Strategy and Application of Social Media in Crisis PR on Railways. E-Business Technologies Conference Proceedings, 3(1), 80–85. Retrieved from