Geospatial Data - Platform, Products and Applications


  • Marina Jovanović-Milenković Department of Information systems Project Management College


geospatial data, investment location, platform


Geospatial and location based information is increasingly becoming a key part of this pervasive digital world of transformation and innovation trends, changing many business practices, providing new technological applications and bringing about a data revolution that is having a positive influence on social and economic systems. The connection of geospatial data and new technologies is the direction to be pursued at the global world level. The part of that connection is digital platform of investment location. Author in this paper presents the main goal of this paper, to build a register of investment locations. The sub-goals are collecting data for the register of investment locations and raising the capacity of human resources. The project itself is an innovative solution that contributes to the new platform to consolidate the existing state of pilot investment locations, affect to develop geospatial data and to turn data into digital form. The paper describes the research and the achieved results of the project.



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