Digital Transformation in the Judiciary


  • Ana Đilas eJustice Departement, Ministry of Justice
  • Dušan Kuzmanović eJustice Departement, Ministry of Justice


eJustice, digital transformation, eGoverment, Legal Tech


This paper focuses on presenting the current state and future plans of digital transformation in the Serbian judiciary. The digitalization of judicial processes holds great potential for improving efficiency, accessibility, and transparency. By analyzing available literature, official reports,
and relevant data, this research provides an overview of the existing digital initiatives in Serbian courts. It examines the implementation of electronic case management systems, online filing procedures, and digital communication channels. Additionally, the study explores the challenges faced in the process, including infrastructure limitations, legal frameworks, and stakeholder acceptance. Furthermore, it outlines
the strategic plans and initiatives devised by Serbian judicial authorities to further advance digitalization efforts. The findings of this research contribute to a better understanding of the current state of digital transformation in the Serbian judiciary and provide insights into the future trajectory of digital initiatives in the sector.




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